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Our Skip Bin Business in Perth WA offers a Rubbish Removal, Mini Bins and Bin hiring service and are based in Western Australia. We have a large range of rubbish container sizes for rent – all with prompt delivery throughout WA. We have a huge selection of waste removal options – delivered anywhere across the suburbs and areas surrounding our companies office / depot – including northern suburbs | and southern suburbs (even the western and eastern suburban locations too). Our hazard removal trucks and ready and waiting to go – we can move your unwanted items to the nearest waste management facility (Tip / Tipping Refuse) for disposal.

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Mini Skips Hiring Company

Our local waste and rubbish removals services are a reliable and affordable hire service for both homes and businesses. Our professional staff have all the necessary experience to provide a successful job time and time again. We have many satisfied clients all over the state of WA – please find our great 5 star reviews and testimonials all over the major search engines including Google. Our waste management organisation is built on word of mouth referrals. Our service are the very best around – our workers have been trained with all the needed knowledge and know how for hazard disposal. Our key mission is saving the environment and to recycle at every opportunity possible. Please let our staff know at the time of booking if you have a any green waste (garden / tree / weeds scraps) to remove as we can offer alternative options for the removal process. If you need any more info, please see this site to keep up with the West Australian laws and regulations – we also keep up to date with the Department of waste.

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Waste Refusal Service West Australia

Perth’s Rubbish Disposal Company provides a range of options for your bin supply in Western Australia. Depending on the type of job you have at hand will suggest the type / size of skip bin you require – please notify us when booking, of the access point of the drop off in your house or office / warehouse. Our waste removal trucks are fully equipped and ready to go. We are able to deliver to almost any location – please notify us of any hard access points or other details that you think we may require. Some residence may require different type of hazard relocation vehicles to make it easier to maneuver – we have a distinct range in sizes, starting from the smallest trash can type, up to heavy duty – industrial commercial sizes.

What you need to think about before hiring skip bins

Skip bins come in handy when it comes to handling waste materials, and this is what makes them essential in our kitchens, gardens as well as construction sites. A skip bin provider should take you through the types of bins that they have available and help you choose one depending on the purpose of the container. With this in mind, it is thus crucial to find a reliable skip bin provider who will be the answer to your waste management problems.

Type of waste

The first thing that you should consider is the kind of garbage that will go into the skip bins. Is the waste coming from a single source or do you have different waste materials? Skip bin providers classify their containers as bricks and concrete, green waste, lightweight mixed waste and heavyweight mixed waste. Having the trash separated makes it easier when it comes to disposal.

Lightweight mixed waste bins come with some restrictions that include the maximum weight that they can hold. If you have waste in the light mixed waste bin that exceeds the stipulated amount, you will incur an extra amount. As such, if you know that the trash you are handling is likely to reach the weight of heavyweight mixed waste, get a heavyweight mixed waste bin from the onset.

Make a note as not to put any dangerous items in the skip bins as you will pay an extra amount for such things like asbestos.


Skip bins come in sizes based on volume. To figure out the size of the container that you need, you need to visualize one that is a meter wide, a meter high and a meter long. Estimate how many such bins you can fill and get a bin that can hold that volume. It is always best to get a bin that is larger than what you need as opposed to getting one that might not contain all your waste on the days you handle a lot of garbage.

The sizes of skip bins vary ranging from two cubic meters to ten cubic meters.

Period of use

Different skip bin providers will provide the bins to you for varying times. Some will let you have the containers for days while others can allow you hold onto them for weeks. The period that you need will depend on the amount of waste that you are to handle. A two cubic meter bin is equivalent to twenty wheelbarrow loads and using this logic; you can figure out just how long you will need to make use of the containers.

The less time that you have the skip bin on your property, the less money that you will incur. Make sure that you agree on the date on which the provider is to collect the skip bin. If you wish to have the container removed by a particular day, be sure to remind the provider as some companies have been known to forget the collection date.


If you are researching a skip bin provider online, you will find numerous review about their services which you can then use to gauge how great their services are. A good company should have been in operation for a while, and they are environmentally cautious. A bad company will offer to provide you with skip bins at a meager price, but they will give you reduced services in the end. It is not uncommon for a lousy provider to dump waste in undesignated areas and offer you lousy skip bins.

Find a skip bin provider who will take you through the options available and help you make a choice depending on your waste.

Where the skip will be

The place where you place the skip will be dependent on just how much space is available to you as well as the parking regulations in the area. If you can put the skip off the road, you have to ensure that the access road is at the least ten feet wide. This space is for allowing the lorry to drive in and load the skip. If you lack adequate space for the skip off the road, you can place it on the way. However, this will be dependent on the parking restrictions in your locality. If there are red routes or yellow lines that have been marked to prevent the placing of items on the road, it will not be possible. You also have to ensure that the way is wide enough for the garbage truck to access to load the skip bin.

Lamps and covers

If you wish to have the bin at your property overnight, you will require to familiarize yourself with the regulations concerning this kind of matter. Codes insist that any skip lamps used on or near the roads at night must have bulbs to light the area on which they lie adequately. This lighting is a means of avoiding accidents that could occur at night. Another important thing that you should consider is a cover which you can use at night to contain the waste in the bin. A cover also prevents your neighbors from dumping their garbage in your container.

Your skip bin provider will provide you with a lamp and cover. You must en that the items comply with the regulations in your region. If you are in violation of a rule by your local authority, you will be liable to incur a fine.

Skip permits

If you are to place the skip bin on the road, it is necessary that you get a permit from your local authority. Given that getting a permit can take days before completion, it is essential that you apply for the license in advance before hiring a skip bin. You cannot place the container on the road until you have a permit, else you will be fined.

You might also require a parking suspension for the days that the skip bin will be on the road.


The rates charged will be dependent on factors such as the period of use, the time of year, the size of the bin, the type of waste, the location and the operator. You can get price estimates from different companies to help you decide on the best option.

Having considered all these factors, you are now set to get a skip bin. Have a waste-free day, will you!

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Have you have ended up with a lot of garbage or waste and is too hard to handle by yourself? Is you and your family up to the task? or would you rather have specialists deal with it? Well look no further.. all your  needs can be met right here with our local business in Perth. We are proudly West Australian – with years of knowledge in our working field. We have the experience – the right attitude – expertise and all the necessary assets to handle any type or size of job – weather it be commercial, residential or just a general yard clean up at your home. Our staff of unique individuals are ready and prepared for any job. We will take care of your junk / rubbish and remove in a professional manner in which a reputable business would.

Our staff are here to handle all your waste evacuation needs and give you and your family the best and the most cost effective way of doing so. All of our clients have given our left with a huge smile, each and every job we do. We love pleasing our clients time and time again. Here at our local company – our team is 100% client focused – our business operates over most areas. For a full rundown of the areas which we give and perform: go to the Service Area page on our website. When you get in touch with our business, you should simply let us know what your needs and requirements are – and our specialists will give you the best options to choose from. We are known as being one of the most cost effective companies in our local zone.

It’s hard to find who is the best hiring service. We try our hardest for you (and all our customers) to exceed expectations in each and every job time and time again. Do not settle for average, contact the best service today – we are only a phone call away.Our organisation prides itself on its reputation of being a market leader in the waste management industry. The increase in general awareness of recycling and the benefits to the environment are now front of mind with people asking to do more.

Our group is 100% Australian owned and operated – we obviously have all the contacts in the industry to deliver cheap pricing such as the local tips, waste centers closest to your area. We also work in with local removalists and waste removal companies that can come in and do all that hard and nasty work for you. Regardless of what you require, we can have you covered – even from the tiniest mini skip – up to a massive commercial size container. Call us today and we’ll sort you out with the best possible solution that is fast and dependable. You’ll cherish how rapidly we can get a trash can to your worksite or place of residence.


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